Welcome To NiTRO

NiTRO is an online resource that connects creative artists in the university sector - in visual art and design, performing arts and creative writing -  with each other and with audiences, students, employers, policy makers and the general public. Through NiTRO you can:

  • Share your research, teaching and learning expertise
  • Find out about news, events and opportunities in creative arts
  • Contribute your views on the changes happening in university creative arts

Contribute Your Views

As a way to start discussion and encourage you to share your thoughts, we will focus on particular topics providing perspectives from those inside and outside creative arts. We welcome your articles on these topics or other issues important to creative arts. 
Current and upcoming featured focus:

NiTRO 13 - The impact of Tertiary creative arts
The impact of tertiary arts - on professional practice; on society; on university-society relationships; on other disciplines; historical influence of creative arts on thinking and understanding the world.

Deadline for articles: 6 April 2018

NiTRO 14 - Tertiary creative arts and inclusion
The role that creative arts plays in the inclusion of under-represented voices in our society and addresses the challenges of exclusion and marginalisation due to race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, or sexual orientation.

Deadline for articles:  18 May 2018

NiTRO 15  - The Dawkins reforms - 30 years on
A reflection on how tertiary arts has developed since the introduction of the Unified National System of Higher Education in Australia.

Deadline for articles:  29 June 2018


We welcome your thoughts on these or any other topics of interest to creative artists practicing in the university sector. Your articles, ideas and suggestions for future topics can be sent to: research @ddca.edu.au or click here for more information on contributing to NiTRO.


Share your research

Artists have always connected outside academe but as university interest to capture evidence of research impact and engagement increases, NiTRO provides an opportunity to share your research with colleagues, prospective users and funders through project updates, final findings and to encourage further input and discussion.


Connect with prospective audiences, students and conference attendees

Profile your events, conferences and postgraduate student opportunities through our resources section.  Over the next 12 months, with your help,  we hope to develop a ‘What’s on’ of university based arts activities to grow public attendance and interest in university creative arts. NiTRO can also share information about academic conferences and symposia, here and overseas, of interest to artistic researchers whether senior researchers wishing to share their expertise or  early career researchers or postgraduate students beginning to grow their academic identities.

NiTRO is your vehicle to discuss and shape the future direction for tertiary creative arts.  Help us to make it relevant to your needs and the messages that you wish to convey. Comments, articles, news items, suggestions for contributors and information on events and opportunities can be sent to:  research@ddca.edu.au or click here for more information on contributing to NiTRO.