Research Engagement and Impact Pilot Report released

The Australian Research Council has released its report on the pilot exercise on research Engagement and Impact that took place this year in preparation for the changes expected in ERA 2018. Creative arts was one of the disciplinary groups that took part in the ‘Impact’ exercise.

The report clarifies the indicators that will be used to assess Engagement will be:

  • Cash support from end-users (against Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)categories)
  • Total HERDC income per FTE (specified schemes)
  • End-user sponsored grants: proportion of HERDC Category
  • Research commercialisation income.

The definition of impact will be modified for the 2018 exercise to be:

Research impact is the contribution that research makes to the economy, society, environment and culture beyond the contribution to academic research.

The report contains a number of modifications that will be made for 2018 but in a number cases detailed advice on how these will be implemented is promised in time for the 2018 exercise. The report is available at:

It is anticipated that this will be a focus of discussion across the sector in 2018 and NiTRO invites articles that share experiences of the pilot, critiques of the model and discussion of institutional strategies for inclusion. Anyone interested in contributing to a special edition of NiTRO on this topic is invited to email NiTRO editor Jenny Wilson at

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Dancenorth seeking co-CEO

Dancenorth Australia, one of Australia’s strongest emergent contemporary dance companies, is seeking a co-CEO Executive Director to progress its mission for bold creative collaborations, adventurous story telling and ambition.  The position is located in Townsville, Queensland and will be responsible for development and implementation of the company strategy, a company budget of approximately $2 million and for the production of all Dancenorth programs and compliance in accordance with the company strategic plan.

Position details are available at:

Closing date for applications is 11 December 2017

The “Sonder” of You

Catherine Holder, past student, author and performer, is sitting at the share table at Corner Café, a popular lunch spot at the Burwood campus of Deakin University.

She graduated with Honours from her Bachelor of Creative Arts, Drama, in April this year and is here to catch up with members of the Arts Faculty and to borrow some props for her show at The Owl and Cat Theatre, Richmond

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The importance of Research Culture in A Creative Arts Degree

“I think going to university was definitely the right choice for me,” said visual artist and Deakin University final-year student Alice Radford.  “If I wasn’t at university I wouldn’t have bothered to do the research, or have the resources to do the research, to create the works that I have,” Alice said. “I think I would be just creating art on a Sunday just for fun.”

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NiTRO Reflection: Introduction to Special Feature

When Deakin University’s Associate Professor of Communication, Lisa Waller, asked me if I’d be interested in helping a group of journalism students write feature stories about graduates from the Bachelor of Creative Arts to be published in a special edition of NiTRO, I paused. For about a second. I think I let her finish her sentence. If that magical combination of ‘publish’ and ‘student’ wasn’t enough, there was the added glitter of ‘artist’

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Teaching to yearn

In 2018, the theatre department at the Victorian College of the Arts will launch a new BFA Theatre - a course designed for ‘actor-creators’ – those theatre artists who want to devise and perform in their own work. As we developed the course this year, I found myself thinking often of a quote from Saint-Exupery’s Wisdom of the Sands:
“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

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Life drawing for the 21st Century graduate

As a visual artist, my practice led-research is into frontier scientific technologies and computational aesthetics has resulted in transdisciplinary outcomes in the field of 4D Microcomputed X-ray tomography. Yet when I took my first permanent academic position as a part time lecturer in Foundation Studies, in 2015, I became responsible for convening and teaching a first year life drawing Figure & Life, a 12 week observational drawing course using a life model in a studio environment.

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A case for resisting strategic alignment

To work strategically can connote corporate, neoliberal ideology, selective professional networking, and economically motivated notions of efficiency that tend to exist in conflict with the ethos of the creative arts. But being strategic can also describe how we work creatively within our circumstances to enable a project to come to fruition.

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