Creative Arts Included In ARC Grant Successes!

The Australian Research Council announced its 2017 funded grants for the Discovery Projects (DP), Linkage Infrastructure (LE), Discovery Early Researcher (DE) and Discovery Indigenous (IN) on 1 November 2016.

17 grants were awarded to projects in FoR code 19 (Studies in Creative Arts) and 9 in FOR code 12 (Built Environment and Design).  Congratulations to all investigators!

Scheme Researcher/s Admin. Org. Project title
DP Anna Munster; Adrian MacKenzie UNSW Re-imaging the empirical: Statistical visualisation in art and science.
DP Jaynie Anderson; Shane Carmody; Max Vodola Melbourne A Baroque Archbishop in colonial Australia: James Goold (1812-1886)
DP Neal Peres Da Costa; Clive Brown Sydney Deciphering nineteenth-century pianism.
DP Margaret Barrett; Graham Welch Queensland Pedagogies of expertise in musical thought and practice.
DP Jon Cattapan; Charles Green; Paul Gough; Lyndell Green Melbourne World-pictures: Path-finding across a century of wars, 1917-2017
DP Anthony Uhlmann; Alexis Wright; Ben Etherington; John Coetzee; Nicholas Jose; Gail Jones Western Sydney Forms of world literature. This project aims to explore a new vision of ‘world literature’.
DP Glenn Roe; Erin Helyard; Andrew Ledbury; Nicholas Cronk; Robert Wellington ANU Performing transdisciplinarity.
DP Sarah Wilson; Gary McPherson; Samuel Berkovic; Isabelle Peretz Melbourne The genetic basis of singing ability.
DP Jennifer Biddle; Sarah Kenderdine; David Howes; Christopher Salter UNSW Cultural sensorium: An ethnography of the senses
DP Peter Kelly; Grace McQuilten; Kim Humphery; Deborah Warr; Andy Furlong RMIT How art-based social enterprise helps marginalised young people.
DP Xiangyu Wang; Kerry London; Changzhi Wu; Heap-Yih Chong Curtin A multi-agent system for stakeholder management in off-site construction
DP Bo Xia; Laurie Buys QUT Sustainable retirement villages for Ageing Australians.
DP Mark Burry; Jeffery Malpas; Stanislav Roudavski; Mark Taylor; Virginia Lee Melbourne Place and parametricism: Provocations for the rethinking of design
DP Mark Burry; Jordi Faulí Melbourne The Analects of Antoni Gaudí.
DP Lukar Thornton; Neil Coffee; Karen Lamb; Kylie Ball; Mark Daniel; Yan Kestens; Basile Chaix Deakin Testing the projected benefits of living in a 20-minute neighbourhood.
DE Andrew Milne Western Sydney Universal mechanisms for the communication of musical emotion
DE Michelle Antoinette ANU Understanding new art and museum participation in Asia.
DE Ursula Frederick ANU Visualising archaeologies: Art and the creation of contemporary archaeology.
DE Peter Bach Monash Virtual reality for planning of green urban water infrastructure
DE Taha HosseinRashidi UNSW Integrating social media with conventional data sources to model land use.
DE Amir Salehipour Newcastle Exact and hybrid algorithms for the Aircraft Landing Problem.
DE Marilyn Johnson Monash Understanding and preventing road deaths using coronial investigations.
IN Clint Bracknell; Linda Barwick; Kim Scott Sydney Preserving Aboriginal language through song archives.
IN Michael Aird; David Trigger; Paul Memmott Queensland From illustration to evidence in native title: The potential of photographs.
LE Julian Meyrick; Joanne Tompkins; Rachel Fensham; Maryrose Casey; Glenn D'Cruz; Gillian Arrighi; Jonathan W. Marshall; John O'Toole; Bree Hadley; Ian Maxwell; Caroline Wake; Peta Tait; Margaret Hamilton; Janine Barrand Flinders Visualising venues in Australian live performance research
LE Kim Vincs; Saeid Nahavandi; Frank Vetere; Bruce Thomas; Simon Biggs; Doug Creighton; Scott deLahunta; Keith Armstrong; Adam Nash; Petra Gemeinboeck; Thomas Chandler; Troy Innocent; John McCormick; Jordan Vincent; Robert Vincs Collaborative embodied movement design network