ANU Considers Music Streaming

The ANU School of Music is considering music streaming as a way out of its current difficulties.  Not in the Spotify sense but by offering three study streams for its students: One targeted towards elite musicians, one for careers in academia or the music industry, and another for those seeking careers in different sectors but interested in continuing their music.

The suggestion came from a review of the School of Music by Professor Andrew Podger which was conducted after a period of staff cuts in 2012 and the sudden loss of Peter Tregear as Head of School.  Accepting the review’s observation of university mismanagement, Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt said ‘it is clear from the discussion paper that the university has not handled the challenges facing the school very well.’

Podger’s review proposes an increase in staffing at the school and the VC recently confirmed the appointments of Dr Christopher Sainsbury, Dr Bonnie McConnell, Dr Natalie Williams and Kenneth Lamp.  However, filling the head of school position vacated by Professor Tragear in August 2015 is proving more illusive, with a second round of recruitment for the job now taking place.

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