Call for Papers: Studies in Material Thinking: Between Sensuous and Making-Sense-Of

Studies in Material Thinking is calling for contributions to a special issue of new research articles to be published in late 2017.

This special issue will explore attitudes towards visual art through sensorial perception and material thinking. What happens in the friction of interaction between person and artwork? Between the sensuous and the making-sense-of? How do artists negotiate (the) material in the process of working with/against it? And in turn, how can the writer recapture the material(ity) of the work and convey it? If the sensorium of seeing, tasting, feeling and hearing exceeds the rationality of disciplinary categories and the systematisation of knowledge, how can thinking about and through art access affective objects? Is this what constitutes meaning? Contributors will address the possibility, form or framing of access to the material in light of developing discourses that implicate visual and material culture studies and practices.

Submission deadlines:
• Deadline for submission of 350-word abstract: 20 July 2016
• Deadline for full papers: December 2016
•  Expected publication: November 2017

Further details: