Art Association of Australia and New Zealand 2016 Conference: The Work of Art

The AAANZ annual conference will re-examine art history, art theory and studio practice based around the theme ‘The Work of Art’ and how works of art, craft, design and architecture operate in different ways and contexts, historically, socially, politically, aesthetically and affectively. It will  consider issues such as:

  • The function of art in broad social terms
  • The ways in which art “works upon” its viewers (its affect)
  • The practice of art and the various processes of creation
  • Art in which labour or work is the subject
  • The changing character of work and its impacts on art
  • The economic frameworks of art production and development of different ways of working
  • The singular work of art as a subject for close reading
  • Curatorial processes and other interventions that make art work


Location School of Art, Australian National University Canberra

Dates: 1-3 December 2016