FilmAsia 2016: The Asian Conference on Film & Documentary and Call for Papers

The Asian Conference on Film & Documentary 2016 (FilmAsia2016) held concurrently with The Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2016 (MediAsia2016). The Conference provides a variety of perspectives from academia and professional practice on the theme of “Justice”. Speakers include: Prof Gary Swanson, CEO of D’image Studios; A/Prof Paul Spicer, Hiroshima Jougakuin University, Japan; Prof Richard Roth, Northwestern University, US; Dr James Rowlins, Singapore University of Technology and Design;  and Japanese silent film pianist, Mie Yanashita.

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 20, 2016


Location: Art Center, Kobe,  Japan. 

Dates:  27 - 29 October 2016