Thanks Travis and Hello Tom! NiTRO welcomes new Web Officer

New DDCA Web Officer Tom Barton.

New DDCA Web Officer Tom Barton.

This will be the last edition of NiTRO for Travis Cox who has been our fabulous web officer since January 2017. Over the past few editions Travis has been combining his work on NiTRO with a position at the Virtual/Augmented Reality company FGMNT, and from the end of this year will step down from his DDCA duties to focus fully on his FGMNT job. During his time at NiTRO Travis has overseen a number of technical changes to both the DDCA and NiTRO web sites which have vastly improved our public face. Our thanks and best wishes go with you Travis to your new role.

From 2018, we welcome Tom Barton to the NiTRO and DDCA Web Officer hot seat. Tom has worked in editing and digital marketing across the arts, tertiary and medical sectors. He is a freelance marketer for high-profile jazz and contemporary musicians, has edited and written for a subscription-based medical publication, he's worked across both the web and marketing teams at La Trobe University, and he did a stint in working in Yangon as the daily arts editor of the Myanmar Times newspaper.

Tom studied a Bachelor of Music Performance - Improvisation (voice) at the VCA, followed by Honours research reflecting on the current state of tertiary vocal improvisation pedagogy. 

Tom's music involves using the voice as a vehicle for both lyrics and wordless singing, using extended vocal techniques, improvisation and live-looping with electronics. He's currently working on a suite of new music for a performance on February 9 hosted by the Melbourne Recital Centre.