Cultural Learning Alliance and NESTA Briefing on STEM to STEAM

UK organisations the Cultural Learning Alliance and NESTA have added to the STEM to STEAM debate with a  briefing paper entitled ‘STEAM: Why STEM can only take us so far’   that argues for a cross disciplinary approach to education to meet the demands of industry and sustainability for future employment. 

NESTA’s Executive Director of Creative Economy and Data Analytics, Hasan Bakhshi, states: 

"All the statistics show that the creative economy. . .  is one of the fastest growing parts of the UK workforce. Consistent with this, we know that businesses that combine art and science skills – a hallmark of creativity – show higher sales growth. This has an important implication for policy: namely, it must not disincentivise young people from pursuing a broad-based education."

The briefing paper is available at:

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