Harvard ART Institute suspends admissions after graduate debt review

Enrolments for Harvard University’s ART Institute graduate program in theatre have been suspended following an unfavourable review against the US government’s ‘Gainful Employment’ regulations, under which access to federal funding relates to an assessment of ‘the amount of debts students can accrue when measured against their expected earnings'. Despite launching a number of Broadway productions, the institute, which admits around 24 students per year for its 2 year graduate program, has failed the test leaving the future of the program in a state of uncertainty.  Tuition fees of US$63,000 for the two year program, leave students with an estimated debt of US$78,000 while graduates are reported to each earn around US$36,000 annually. The ART Institute has suspended enrolments for 2019 as it undertakes a review process to find ways to address the problem.

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