Penn State Uni steams ahead with art pedagogy centre

Pennsylvania State University’s College of Arts and Architecture and Teaching and Learning with Technology has just launched a new centre which may be of interest to those in art education research. The Center for Arts and Design Pedagogy (C-PAD) focuses on arts and design pedagogies, research, and professional development that is applicable to learning and teaching in a range of academic disciplines hitting the US STEM to STEAM zeitgeist in a highly practical way.

'The changing of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to STEAM is not simply the addition of Arts somewhere within the mix',  C-PAD Director Ann Clements said ‘It’s an attempt to place artistic thinking and doing centrally alongside and within other disciplines, as artistic and creative thinking is what makes innovation in all fields possible.’

In addition to research fellowships and community programs, the centre will host international researchers and teachers as part of its aim to share the innovations in art and design teaching across the disciplinary spectrum

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