Arts projects amongst ARC future fellowship projects funded

The recent round of successful Future Fellowships announced by the ARC recently feature several projects that may be of interest to the creative arts, including one which resonates closely with this topic addressed in this edition of NiTRO: 

A/Prof Elizabeth Stephens (University of Queensland) willundertake a detailed examination of how the arts and sciences can work together to address the complex challenges of contemporary life’;

A/Prof. Maxime Aubert (Griffith University) ‘aims to shift the focus of the search for art’s origins onto important new horizons. Who were the first artists? When and why did it become second nature for humans not simply to exist within the natural world, but to encode it with images of things both real and imagined?’;  

Dr Rebecca Giblin (Monash University) will ‘develop new empirical understandings of the cultural value lost through current approaches to copyright . . .  by exploring fuller protection of authorship as a mechanism for securing a fairer go for creators, unlocking new opportunities for publishers, generating new sources of arts funding and improving access for the public’;

Prof Jon McCormack (Monash University) will undertake an ‘interdisciplinary project. . . to open the way for the next generation of manufacturing technologies by linking advanced computer science with the creative arts’;

A/Prof Anne Harris (Monash University) ‘aims to address the development of Australasian creativity education by advancing a unified intercultural approach to the enhancement of creative skills and capacities in compulsory schooling’.

Full details of these projects are available on the ARC web site at:

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