Some Artists & Philosophers Walked into a Room... A One day Symposium

Event date: Tuesday 11 July 2017
Event Location: Federation Hall, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
Website: Link

An insightful symposium with leading local and international philosophers, visual artists, academics and experts.

Theme: A work might be experienced in numerous ways—in person, online, across multiple versions, as a record, diagram, report, description, witness account, podcast, video, plan, remix, or even as a scalable aggregate of elements. Perhaps, once we consider the world of a work of art as a constellation of elements, the indeterminacy of art is given a more conspicuous materiality. Where is a work of art? Is there an optimum or primary point of entry into a work of art?

Chairs: Sean Lowry (VCA) and Jenny McMahon (University of Adelaide)