"Through the Looking Glass" 41st Muicological Society of Australia (MSA) Conference - call for proposals (deadline: 25 May 2018)

Event date: 6 -9 December 2018
Event location: Western Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University, Perth WA

The function of art has been considered a kind of mirroring, wherein art reflects the world (imitation for Aristotle; and a mirror revealing the world's virtues and flaws for Donatus, Cicero, and Hamlet). But like the various types of glass, music (or musicology) can reflect, colour, or distort meaning in a variety of ways

Delegates to the 2018 MSA National Conference are invited to consider how the theme of through the looking glass might apply to music and/or musicology. In what ways can music embed a deeper meaning hidden below the mirrored surface? To what extent do musicological paradigms reveal or distort our perceptions of music and its significations?