New Zealand’s pledge for arts and creativity contrast with Australia’s productivity plans

New Zealand PM Jacinda Aderne has pledged to "place more emphasis on integrating the arts and culture sector into all policy areas, into our regional economic development strategy".  Speaking on the launch of the most recent report into New Zealanders and the Arts, she said, "You only need to look at the collective impact of the sector ... to know that helping turning a craft into an income is worth investing in". Aderne sees the importance of education policy change noting that "early involvement in arts and culture also fuels the success of our creative industries later". She said, "I want to change the way we perceive a career in arts by recognising the legitimacy of the arts as a career just as we do any other".

Compare this perspective with the Australian Government’s recent response to Innovation and Science Australia’s (ISA) Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation (2030 Plan). Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Michaelia Cash confirmed government support for the plan’s science focused recommendations saying:
"We will continue to work with ISA to ensure innovation, science and technology drive the best economic outcomes for Australia, help us remain globally competitive and ensure we have the skills and jobs we need to prosper now and into the future". 

Creative arts are conspicuous for their absence amongst the investments highlighted the Turnbull Government’s 2018-19 budget in its response to the 2030 strategy.