Young artists charged $2600 per month to exhibit

As students and graduates start to embark on their professional arts career, an ABC report earlier this year into the ‘hidden costs’ borne by professional artists is worth a re-read.  Interviews with young artists reveal that ‘expenses like materials, labour and transportation of artworks to and from galleries’ and fees for lease payment or gallery hire which can add up to $2600 per month are creating barriers for young artists seeking to make a living from their art. Interviewee  Kalanjay Dhir sees these costs as ‘an inevitable part of being a recent art school graduate or early career artist.’

With the number of university media releases proudly proclaiming the successes of their students, graduates and early career artists to prospective students and for impact/engagement evidence, perhaps it is time for universities to provide financial support to ensure that they have a sustainable supply of promotional material.

The original article, written by Marcus James, provides a wider consideration of the costs to young graduates and is available on the ABC site at: