What matters? Australian culture matters!

A new book by Flinders Uni Professor Julian Meyrick and colleagues, Robert Phiddian and Tully Barnett: What Matters? Talking Value in Australian Culture published by Monash University Press, explores the current political preoccupation with metrics and measurement when applied to cultural value.

Julian explained: “The book does not present another system of indicators for measuring ‘vibrancy’ or ‘quality’ and ranking this according to some numerical schema. Instead, it chips away at the problem of value in arts and culture by going back to the experience they provide, and the meaning that comes from that experience." 

Challenging the traditional fascination with numbers, this book "considers narrative as an evaluative tool, and its proper role in communicating cultural experience at a distance".

Further details on he publication and how to purchase are available at: https://shop.monash.edu/what-matters-talking-value-in-australian-culture.html