Commons Social Change Library launches new Arts and Creativity area

The Commons Social Change Library is an online resource freely available to anyone with an internet collection. They gather resources from Australia and around the world on a broad range of topics, including campaign strategy, organising, digital campaigning, communications and media, working effectively in groups, diversity and inclusion and much more. 

People who are working towards social or ecological justice goals tend to be extremely busy with limited financial resources. It’s hard for people to find the time to track down information or develop skills while they are responding to big challenges. The Commons supports their important work by making information accessible, and enables sharing and collaboration across movements and struggles. 

The Commons recently launched a new topic area on Arts and Creativity. The topic includes articles, podcasts, songs, templates, interviews, case studies and practical guides. The emphasis is on inspiring ways to use art and other creative approaches to get people’s attention and change public debate.

The Commons Social Change Library welcomes queries and contributions to the collection. Visit the library at and contact the librarians via