Screen workshops: Advances Screenwriting and Creating TV or Web series

Event dates: 5-6 October 2019
Event location: Queensland Writers Centre, Level 2, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

Two workshops being held in association with Queensland Writers Festival:

Advanced Screenwriting: Emerging and practising screenwriters who want to advance their skills in plotting and scene writing, look no further. This workshop uses paradigms of character and theme to explore authentic, skilful plotting, so that you can translate this into scenes that ‘work hard’ both visually, subtextually, and on a dialogue level. Participants will work on their own projects and workshop-generated content, leaving with an enhanced screenwriters' skillset and understanding.

Creative a TV or Web Series: This workshop will explore two of the fundamental aspects of creating a TV or web series - world and character. Aimed at emerging and practising screenwriters who want to advance their skills in developing concepts and deepening their understanding of script development, it will delve into the relationship between world and character, and how this informs themes and storylines. In teams, participants will develop and pitch a series idea, and have strong ideas about how they would then go on to storyline and write the series.