Borderless: Global Narratives in Art Education: Call for papers for Australian Art Education special issue

If this edition of NiTRO has whetted your appetite for the global arts education debate, the journal Australian Art Education has just issued a call for papers for a special issue that will focus on global narratives in art education.

AAE Editor Martin Kerby explained: “When facing global issues and divisions on top of contestation about worldviews and ontological discourses, we are challenged to reflect on our established views about and beyond local or regional history and knowledge. Therefore, seeking new and open-ended approaches to globalisation, this call for papers seeks art educators’ critical and theoretical explorations and responses as global educators. We invite authors to share their Australian narratives, the ones that address globalising educational issues, concerns, and problems, both reflecting on their art educational approaches to globalisation and reiterating the transforming and/or communicative opportunities of art and visual culture.”

The edition is part of an innovative international information exchange which will see several international journals publishing peer reviewed papers on the same theme with the aim of  presenting findings at the 36th World International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) Congress being held in Vancouver, Canada, in July 2019.

In addition to Art Education Australia, the journals involved in this initiative include: The Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, USA; Revista Portuguesa de Educação Artística, Portugal; Synnyt/Origin, Finnish Studies in Art Education, Finland);  Tercio Creciente, Spain and Art Education Review, Korea.

The deadline for submissions for this special issue is 8 October 2018. Further information on the special issue is available at:

AAE also welcomes submissions for its other 2018 editions which include research and opinion pieces on historical, theoretical and philosophical issues in art and art education including art education, artwork, collections, exhibitions and the lives of Australian artists. Deadlines for these editions are 31 March and 31 July 2018. Further information on the journal is available at: