Australia Council and UKARIA announce new music residency

The Australia Council and UKARIA Cultural Centre have announced a new scheme which will support composers and musicians to spent 10 days at the UKARIA facilities near Adelaide to develop new creative work. Applications are open to multidisciplinary groups of up to 10 artists led by musicians and/or composers. Funding of up to $10,000 is also available to contribute to travel and per diem costs.

The closing date for applications is 20 April 2018. Details on the program and application process is available at:

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“it started with Chemistry”

A recent article in the Huffington Post adds to our understanding of the art and science connection. In a fascinating interview, artist and academic Rebecca Kamen shares how her work is strongly influenced by a passion for both art and science.

She says “Scientists and artists have intuitions about certain things, which provides the basis for their research. Both disciplines conduct experiments and collect data in a manner that tries to support the illusion, creating a path for making the invisible, visible”.

The interview, which elucidates more fully on the art-science connection and how this is represented in her works, is one of a series of interviews with artists and humanists being featured in the Huffington Post.

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Listening for the unspoken

“Have a great day: successful, whatever that means.” Christoph Dahlhausen gave me this order a few minutes ago—a sentence punctuated with the door swinging shut behind him as he left for a meeting. Christoph is an artist in residence, but not an artist in residence at RMIT - he is an artist in my residence—a houseguest, a friend, a colleague and a mentor.

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