New creative arts marketing service for creative practitioners

NiTRO’s very own web officer Tom Barton has launched a new business helping creative arts practitioners connect with and grow their audiences online.

Creative Connections is the culmination of Tom’s experience as a marketer across the arts, eCommerce, medical and tertiary education sectors. Creative Connections aims to equip artists and arts organisations with the cutting-edge strategy and tactics required to grow online profile, increase engagement and drive sales.

As a performing musician, Tom found himself increasingly compelled to understand what it meant to promote his work in a post-internet world. A decade of freelance web design, digital marketing, copywriting and social media advertising later, his aim is to now share these learnings with an industry that is perhaps one of the least-equipped, yet most in need.

The first round of newly-completed digital marketing and web-design projects include Buxton Contemporary, pianist/composer Nat Bartsch, violinist/composer Xani Kolac and band The Twoks, renowned Opera Director Andrew Sinclair, and Monash Associate Professor and saxophonist/composer Rob Burke.

Creative Connections aims to offer marketing services at rates accessibly for the arts industry, who commonly may not have the resources to engage a full-service agency.

NiTRO call for expert commentary on proposed copyright changes

Writing in the Australian recently, Julie Hare raised the building tension between universities and the likes of Google and Facebook who want to see changes in current copyright law, suggested in the recent Productivity report, and strong opposition from artists and the Copyright Agency Limited. As academic staff and students, and practicing artists, where do tertiary creative artists sit in this debate?  NiTRO is inviting any creative arts academic, (or arts informed colleagues in law)  to help us understand the impact of the changes on the increasing number of artists in universities and tertiary settings.  Responses or articles will be published in the next edition of NiTRO.

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