Swinburne appoints Nicole Wragg as new Chair of Communication Design

Associate Professor Nicole Wragg has been appointed as Swinburne University’s new Chair of Communication Design. In 2017 Associate Professor Wragg established the Swinburne School of Design Bureau, an in-house design studies where students work with industry and academia on communication design projects. In her new role she aims to expand the Design Bureau’s activities with a one-year Honours program and increased research activities.

Monash seeks new Design Head and additional academic appointments in design

Monash University is advertising for a new Head of Department in Design. The position, which closes on 9 June, will be based at the Caulfield campus and is one of a number of positions being advertised in Design. Details for applications for the Head of Design position can be found here. You can find further information on other academic positions, and further information at Design at Monash.

University design programs – what are we good for? Doctoral programs in design practice for the future

These times of increasing social, cultural and political uncertainty, technological advancement and environmental fragility challenge us in the academy. They call us to critique what we do, and to understand the value that we bring.  What can we in the design, and associated creative sectors offer students at all levels? How we can support people to practice in the future?

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Fancy Designing an Island? Entries close 2 June 2017

The University of Pennsylvania has issued an invitation to architects and designers to come up with a design for a new island. The international competition, which is open to landscape architects, architects, planners, artists and designers,  was launched in the university’s LA+ (Landscape Architecture Plus) journal and offers prize money of US$ 2000 to the five winners who will be announced in August 2017. Sadly, no plans to realise the winners’ hypothetical designs have been announced! Further details on the competition are available at: https://cargocollective.com/laplus_imagination/About

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