Research Engagement and Impact Pilot Report released

The Australian Research Council has released its report on the pilot exercise on research Engagement and Impact that took place this year in preparation for the changes expected in ERA 2018. Creative arts was one of the disciplinary groups that took part in the ‘Impact’ exercise.

The report clarifies the indicators that will be used to assess Engagement will be:

  • Cash support from end-users (against Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)categories)
  • Total HERDC income per FTE (specified schemes)
  • End-user sponsored grants: proportion of HERDC Category
  • Research commercialisation income.

The definition of impact will be modified for the 2018 exercise to be:

Research impact is the contribution that research makes to the economy, society, environment and culture beyond the contribution to academic research.

The report contains a number of modifications that will be made for 2018 but in a number cases detailed advice on how these will be implemented is promised in time for the 2018 exercise. The report is available at:

It is anticipated that this will be a focus of discussion across the sector in 2018 and NiTRO invites articles that share experiences of the pilot, critiques of the model and discussion of institutional strategies for inclusion. Anyone interested in contributing to a special edition of NiTRO on this topic is invited to email NiTRO editor Jenny Wilson at

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Dancenorth seeking co-CEO

Dancenorth Australia, one of Australia’s strongest emergent contemporary dance companies, is seeking a co-CEO Executive Director to progress its mission for bold creative collaborations, adventurous story telling and ambition.  The position is located in Townsville, Queensland and will be responsible for development and implementation of the company strategy, a company budget of approximately $2 million and for the production of all Dancenorth programs and compliance in accordance with the company strategic plan.

Position details are available at:

Closing date for applications is 11 December 2017

Queensland Conservatorium farewells Professor Peter Roennfeldt

At the end of this year, Professor Peter Roennfeldt will retire from Griffith University’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music after three decades. Peter served in executive roles for much of his tenure, including seven years as Director. An avid local history buff, Peter wrote the history of the Conservatorium, covering the first 50 years from 1957 to 2007, published as Northern Lyrebird. Professor Roennfeldt has performed  as a pianist, harpisochordist and choral conductor for over 40 years and is a former president of the National Council of Tertiary Music Schools and the Australian National Choral Association.

Fundraising in the arts report

Writing in ‘Inside Philanthropy’ recently, Karen Brooks Hopkins reminds readers of a report into fundraising in creative arts released by the US National Centre for Arts Research last year.  While focused largely on the US, The NCAR Report on Fundraising Trends in Arts and Culture, contains advice and information that may be of interest to those seeking funding in Australia. Based on 2014 data from over 4,200 organisations that encompass a gamut of disciplines, together with a focus on 4 year data for a subset of 2700 organisations the report finds that the deep relationships that have been built across time between art organisations and their funders is beginning to pay off. The report analyses trends relating to five major funding sources: trustees, individuals, corporations, foundations and government. 

It is available at:

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Permission to Stare: a new publication on arts and disability

IETM, the International network for contemporary performing arts, has released a new publication that  explores how disability is defined in contemporary dance. ‘Permission to Stare’ the newest edition to IETM’s ‘Fresh Perspectives’ series combines personal letters with a theoretical essay to explore the complexity of disability in the performing arts field, providing an overview of the variety of questions and possible approaches to performing arts and disability. 

The publication curated by UK researchers Kate Marsh and Jonathan Burrows is available at:

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Goodbyes and Hellos at ANU School of Art and Design

As the 2017 academic year draws to a close, The School of Art & Design at ANU farewelled Greg Daly (Head of Ceramics), Wendy Teakel (Head of Sculpture), David Jenz (Foundation), and John Pratt (Printmedia and Drawing). They welcome Julie Bartholomew as the new Head of Ceramics, Alex Martinis Roe as Head of Sculpture, Anna Raupach and Rebecca Mayo, who both joined Printmedia and Drawing.

Thanks Travis and Hello Tom! NiTRO welcomes new Web Officer

New DDCA Web Officer Tom Barton.

New DDCA Web Officer Tom Barton.

This will be the last edition of NiTRO for Travis Cox who has been our fabulous web officer since January 2017. Over the past few editions Travis has been combining his work on NiTRO with a position at the Virtual/Augmented Reality company FGMNT, and from the end of this year will step down from his DDCA duties to focus fully on his FGMNT job. During his time at NiTRO Travis has overseen a number of technical changes to both the DDCA and NiTRO web sites which have vastly improved our public face. Our thanks and best wishes go with you Travis to your new role.

From 2018, we welcome Tom Barton to the NiTRO and DDCA Web Officer hot seat. Tom has worked in editing and digital marketing across the arts, tertiary and medical sectors. He is a freelance marketer for high-profile jazz and contemporary musicians, has edited and written for a subscription-based medical publication, he's worked across both the web and marketing teams at La Trobe University, and he did a stint in working in Yangon as the daily arts editor of the Myanmar Times newspaper.

Tom studied a Bachelor of Music Performance - Improvisation (voice) at the VCA, followed by Honours research reflecting on the current state of tertiary vocal improvisation pedagogy. 

Tom's music involves using the voice as a vehicle for both lyrics and wordless singing, using extended vocal techniques, improvisation and live-looping with electronics. He's currently working on a suite of new music for a performance on February 9 hosted by the Melbourne Recital Centre.

European Creative Futures’ seminar: Education for Music Entrepreneurship Seminar

Event Dates: 25-26 January 2018
Event Location: Norwegian Academy of Music / CEMPE – Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education, Oslo.
Website: Link

Key educators and professionals from Europe and USA come to the Norwegian Academy of Music to discuss and identify how to solve the mismatch between training in higher music education and demands from the labour market. How can musical entrepreneurship be implemented as an experiential learning practice in the curricula?

TransCultural Exchange 2018 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Exploring New Horizons

Event Dates: 22 - 24 February 2018
Event Location: Quebec City, Canada
Website: Link

Writing in Ashley Owens in the Quebec Daily Examiner, Ashley Owens provides an overview of what conference attendees can expect:

‘What constitutes a studio practice, an artwork, the art market and the role of art today is expanding in ways never before imagined. Relatively new, and yet to be concretely defined, terms such as “artistic research,” “trans-disciplinarity” and “the creative industries” are now common quoted rhetoric. Digital technologies have become standard tools in an artist’s arsenal, fabrication and outsourcing are readily accepted and a PhD in the arts is gaining ground in some countries – while the arts are completely omitted from the education system in others. Meanwhile, the traditional support mechanisms for artists – such as a gallery or patron – continue to be out of reach for most, while artist-run initiatives and artist-in-residence programs are rising in popularity, popping up around the globe in hospitals, schools and social services. What does all this mean for today’s artists and their practice?

To consider these developments and help artists navigate this exciting new terrain, TransCulturalExchange’s 6th International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Exploring New Horizons will take place February 22 – 25 in Québec City with Université Laval serving as the academic host. This is the first time that the Conference is taking place outside of the nonprofit’s home base of Boston’


International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences 3rd Arts and Humanities conference & call for abstracts

Deadline for Abstracts: April 15, 2018
Conference: 15-18 May 2018
Event Location: Pompeu Fabra University, Campus de la Ciutadella, Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27, Barcelona, Spain
Website: Link

The Arts & Humanities Conference is focused especially on the following topics:

  • History and Cultural Studies
  • Philosophical and Religious Studies
  • Literature
  • Languages
  • Performance Art (music, theatre, film)
  • Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, architecture)
  • Media and Communication

Conference proceedings will be refereed and published. Options for virtual presentation is available for those who cannot attend in person.