Editorial: Naturally global: Tertiary creative arts in an international context.

Writing in The Huffington Post,  John M Eger, Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University said:

“art serves so superbly as a universal language — as a means toward understanding the history, culture, and values of other peoples. As human beings build virtual bridges into unknown cultural territory — and there learn, share dreams, and creatively work together—mankind will know itself as citizens of a rich and truly global society.” (1)

Creative art is global. It ignores national borders to share ideas, concerns and possibilities with societies, and other artists, irrespective of geographic location. 

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Editorial - The Creative Art of Research: An Ongoing Quest for Equality

As many in creative arts grappled with the amalgamation challenges of the 90s, few were aware that the Dawkins reforms also had increased the centrality of research to university funding. This ‘blissful ignorance’ was not to last.

In subsequent decades, as the number of creative arts staff and student researchers grew, research performance increased its influence on school funding and academic careers,  triggering an ongoing quest to equitably and comfortably position creative arts within the university research agenda... 

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Editorial - Watt's Next For Creative Arts?

Welcome to the first edition of NiTRO, DDCA’s dedicated space for views and news in the tertiary creative arts community. Every six weeks we explore an issue of particular interest to creative artists practicing in the university sector.  Our first edition focuses on the changing higher education landscape as we ask: Watt’s next for creative arts?

In this edition of NiTRO, Contributors from the higher education and arts sector consider how creative arts disciplines are positioned in this rapidly changing landscape...

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