IRU Report: Work to do on completions, but creative arts enrolments healthy

The Innovative Research Universities group which comprises James Cook, Griffith, La Trobe, Flinders, Murdoch and Charles Darwin universities,  has released a report on the outcomes of the demand driven system between 2009 and 2015. According to the report, while creative arts has some work to do on student completions, student growth has been exceptionally healthy.

At 24% Creative arts represents the fourth highest percentage growth in student enrolments by discipline comparing favourably with the highest disciplines for enrolment growth: health (31%) and IT (26%) and exceeding Society and Culture (13%); Management and Commerce (10%)  and Architecture & Building (4%).

Actual Student load for creative arts in 2015 was 56,791 an increase of 24% since 2010.

The IRU report is available at:


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